Investors & Stake Holders

Investors & Stake Holders

NFC was established in 1989 by a group of investors who have high financial and credit experience through  their investments and practical experience which has contributed to the formulation of successful strategic plans, for the three decades and looks forward to continuing to lead the company to along horizon that ensures the company’s growth and maintaining the market share appropriate to the size of their investment.


NFC is proud of its ownership of the headquarters of the company’s general management which is located in one of the most important strategic locations in Riyadh.


Members of the Board of Directors were  selected for the session beginning  on 22/08/1441

  • Mr. Talal Alakkad

  • Mr. Bader Alhamdan

  • Mr. Sultan Alsultan

  • Mr. Ossama Alsabeg

  • Mr. Mansoor Alsaghir

  • Mr. Faisal Aljasser



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Investors & Stake Holders