Our vision

Our vision


Our Values


Unbiased and fair treatment

The founders believe that unbiased and fair treatment with the customers in every level of the relationship is the core idea behind building the company and the critical need for a company in that time that provides fair and just financial solutions and services for customers who couldn't find it elsewhere was the reason the company started.



The company's commitment to transparency towards the customers, investors ,and employees is of one of its core values.



In "National" we believe that rapid change in the market is caused by the rapid change in consumer behavior, that's why we always motivate our staff to share their ideas and be innovative continuously through internal programs that reward every idea embracing one of the core values "innovation"


The passion of service & Quality in providing

In “National" providing high-quality service is not enough but we also provide it professionally to our customers with "Passion".


Our Staff:

National assures on attracting an academically qualified staff who specializes in a highly personal and artistic skill to ensure loyalty in company duties towards the customers, commitment to the values and achieving high quality in services provided.

Also, National is working on developing "National's Future" Which is a program started in collaboration with the Human Resources Fund aiming to create and develop a new Saudi generation, pushing it towards a clear career path to lead the company in 10 years. This program is considered one of the important plans and initiatives of "National" to cope with the Saudi Arabian 2030 vision.