Chairman 's Message

Chairman 's Message

Since the idea of setting up the company and the establishment in the industry has started the structured finance sector services multiple segments of the Saudi market  in an innovative and organized manner governed by transparency of the fairness in dealing, the ultimate goal of some of the founders was to see the importance of having financing companies that take the initiative to offer multiple products and catering services in line with the principles of Islamic Sharia .


National finance company started, and the goal turned into a vision, within a short time. (NFC) was able to launch several initiatives to regulate the sector starting with the joint list initiative for defaulting customers and ending with obtaining the license to practice activity from the Saudi Arabian monetary agency.


The principles and values of (NFC) has been and remains the bedrock for the sustainability of the success and continuous growth of the company, including the national steadily launched because these principles and path identified the paths of the relationships between( NFC) and its employs, and the most important assets employees and through this relationship was the biggest guarantee of the company’s commitment to its obligations towards the most important investment relationship with customers.


NFC obligations

NFC is committed to continuing to deliver the highest quality services to its customers and to keep abreast of developments in the market the create new opportunities for the growth and prosperity of our customers and continue to find financing solutions of our customers and always be the first choice for their customers.


NFC is committed to providing these services in all its branches and distribution channels with the same degree of quality in believing that is a professional team selected to participate in the success of the company very carefully.


NFC is committed to the level of growth, stability, and sustainability and chive the planned financial targets strategically.


NFC will continuously maintain its handling of every think that the company is going through with absolute transparency and will abide by the highest standards of compliance with the laws and regulations of all concerned partiers is the largest investment of NFC.