Description and objectives of NFC

Description and objectives of NFC

National finance company (NFC) has specialized in providing various products and offering services by the principles of Islamic sharia since 1989 with a paid-up capital of SR 250,000,000. All of our customers have invested in their capabilities and expertise to continually develop products to suit the needs of customers and exceed their expectation s–the team at (NFC) is passionate about excellence and competitiveness in providing the highest quality to our customers.


We aim at all segments of society in (NFC) and in the belief of the team important of the arrival of our products to all components of the society and this goal was behind the label of National finance company.


Over the past three decades (NFC) has been honored to offer products to individuals, both Saudi nationals and multinational and has been able to design products that suit the needs of Islamic sharia, providing these products quickly and flexibly is considered by our customers as one of the most important features of (NFC).


We have not only been able to offer products to individuals, but we have gone beyond that to offer multiple products suitable for all sectors in the Saudi market. We are providing that for three decades we have been partners in the success of decades. We have been partners in the success of distinguished groups of market makers in various sectors such as ( health, education, trade, development, investment, transportation, import, and export).


Our clients in small business have become prominent in the market today and still believe that (NFC) understands their needs and meets their business growth and expansion of (our client's message).


We have not only been in (NFC) product development. But we have also been keen to find channels of expansion of five areas in (Riyadh, Jeddah, Eastern province, Abha and Qassim )


In addition to the opening of multiple channels commensurate with the desire of customers and correspond to the developments in the world of technology and the development of electronic platforms of the company to interact with the wishes of customers and ensure the delivery of services to them in the same degree of quality obtained by customer from the branch.